Jun 01, 2021

Covid-19’s appearance and persistence in the world has changed how we approach, process and complete what used to be fairly standardised application, admission and offer acceptance for both schools and universities. Normally by now the majority of admissions for September would be closed. University places would normally be accessed through clearing and schools already providing introductory packs to students due to arrive for KS3, KS4 and sixth form studies.  

However, as we approach the end of this academic year, and covid-19 still bubbles up and down across a number of countries, we are finding that June is revealing admissions still open in a number of institutions.

If you are still wanting to apply for a course commencing in September 2021 - or maybe one that has a January 2022 admission -  why not contact one of our academic counsellors? We can search for where vacancies still exist in your preferred subject area. We can complete and submit an application, ensure that your referees support that application and then liaise with the school or university on your behalf. Once an offer is secured, our visa and travel advisory service will help you prepare your journey and uptake of your place. Importantly, we provide a free service - which means you do not need to worry about financing anything other than visas, travel and new clothes for your new study home.

One piece of information that is important if you are considering admission in September or January is that some countries and institutions are requiring new students to arrive fully vaccinated or to have a vaccine on arrival at the college.

Contact us today via francis@morganoxfordeducation.co.uk or complete our contact form here on the website. 

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