Sep 29, 2021

Bringing Out the Best in You.

Sixth form study bridges the gap between school and university. Some schools have a sixth form unit or section for those students who want to prepare for future postgraduate courses are provided with a choice of pathways and destinations. Generally, they provide A-level courses however some offer IB Diploma.

The International Foundation Year (IFY) tends to be taught at Sixth Form Colleges. These colleges are not attached to a school and operate as independent organisations. Their course offer is not limited to the IFY and a broader range of subjects are available across a range of accreditations, including A-Levels, GCSEs, IB Diploma, BTecs and other vocational courses.

Attending sixth form is an incredibly valuable experience as it allows students to grow from childhood to adulthood, from directed to independent learning, from an inward looking dream to an outward facing ambition. Class group sizes are generally smaller than in other secondary school year groups. This enables teachers to personalise the curriculum allowing for the highly specialised subject content to be taught at a depth greater than elsewhere.

Teaching teams within a school setting are aware of the transition issues that exist between year 11 and year 12 whilst those at colleges are incredibly specialised for the pre-university and vocational courses. However all (in both settings) are subject experts in their area and all are fully committed to supporting, guiding and mentoring students in such a way that they inspire and motivate, aiming always for success for each cohort member. The strong multi-dimensional and responsive relationships that are built in both schools and colleges between the school/teacher and parent/guardian are a key player in this success.

The past year, when COVID-19 turned normality into an almost distant memory, has seen many schools and colleges introduce a blended curriculum provision. Consequently, powerful and successful online curricula have been created, with access for the whole of its community.

And as if ensuring academic success was not enough, school and college leaders, teachers and career team, do so much more, because learning in a sixth form school is not just about the exam grades. It’s also about life, faith, fun, friendship and community. And all of these can be found, experienced, savoured and embedded in the memories of the alumni.

What Makes a Sixth Form Experience so Special?

        Academically, both schools and colleges:

  • Are an authorised centre for a broad range of good choice of subjects and courses;  
  • Have an outstanding and specialist teaching team;
  • Consistently produce outstanding success rates with students winning scholarships for under-graduate courses;
  • Have enabled students to gain admissions to top-ranked universities around the world (including Nigeria;
  • Provide in-school and online delivery options.  

    A supportive communities enables:
  • Smaller class sizes thereby enabling each student to achieve;
  • Dedicated academic and pastoral counselling that ensures students are able to manage their workload, meet their deadlines and students understand their own study patterns;
  • A dedicated careers team supporting successful applications, expanding career choices and the transition to university in the UK, USA, Canada and Nigeria.

    Socially, students:
  • Enjoy an atmosphere that is relaxed but formal and focussed;
  • Are exposed to new positive learning and life experiences;
  • Grow in maturity, in self-management and confidence;
  • Know that we provide opportunities for everyone to succeed;
  • Make new but life-long friends;
  • Enjoy a good range of enrichment opportunities;
  • Are able to participate in recreation time activities.
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