Sep 21, 2021

Did you know that when you apply for an independent school in the UK, there are different types of admission deadlines?

Many students apply to more than one school and this means making sure that families and the student are aware of the admission processes and deadlines each school has. Some schools have a fixed admissions deadline whilst others have a rolling admissions deadline. Additionally, schools also have deadlines for standardised tests, financial aid, transcripts, teacher recommendations and school visit deadlines. So each student, for each school they apply for, could potentially need to manage and plan for up to six deadlines. Three school applications may therefore generate the need for a student, and their family, to juggle eighteen deadlines. There are also deadlines for scholarships and bursary applications. This is one reason why many students ask Morgan Oxford Education to assist, advise, manage and prepare them for the application process in the schools that they have chosen.
What are the three most important deadlines?
Most fixed admission deadlines have a common date in January, although there are some that are as early as October. A fixed admission deadline means that your application must be completed and submitted to the school by their given date. The more selective and in demand a school is, any late application will go into the ‘late pile’ which simply means: miss the deadline, miss the place. The fixed deadline may also have a time attached to it - this could be mid-day or 5:00pm or any other time. This time is as important as the date.  Remember: miss the deadline, miss the place.

Schools with rolling admission deadlines do not give a specific deadline date. However, this does not mean you can delay an application as places will be offered to those who successfully apply and meet the schools entrance criteria. If a school has 20 places available in September and 20 excellent applications are received by December, then there will be no more places available. Applying in January will mean you miss the opportunity to secure a place. So early submission of your applications (which can be as early as September) could mean securing yourself a place by December. Remember: where places are limited, earlier applications are best.
Standardised test deadlines may be in October, November or January – the more selective a school is, the earlier the test is likely to be. However, most schools expect you to complete the tests between six and nine months before your intended entry date. The type of test you will be asked to take will depend on the school, the year group and the key stage you are applying for. Schools can choose from a range of different tests, most commonly:  8+, 11+, 13+, ISEE middle, ISEE upper and the SSAT. All of these tests, test English and maths through verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning exercises completed within a fixed time period. They are not curriculum based and measure the academic potential of a student. When planning your admission process in a number of schools, you may encounter different test styles in each of the schools. Remember: successful admission is gained when you plan and prepare for the test.

Morgan Oxford Education Academic Counsellors are here to help you. They are knowledgeable of school deadlines and provide a personalised service to help you through the application process. Their expert guidance will reduce the pressure on you during what is a very intense and stressful time for your academic study and growth as you approach your mock examinations. If you are studying GCSE, IGCSE, A Levels or IB Diploma, you can prioritise your exam preparation and secure outstanding prediction grades that will support your applications to schools of your choice.
Email or contact us today, we are there for you - ask to connect with an Academic Advisor and we will help you from application to admission day.   

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